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    The fundamental concept of our restaurant rests on three simple principles: delicious food, fantastic atmosphere, and excellent service. At “Buena Brasa” we believe that the fresh and high-quality ingredients are crucial for the natural taste of the dishes. In order to bring out the flavour, we use the best cooking appliances such as the Josper oven. These are the main components that make up the impeccable taste and atmosphere of “Buena Brasa Gastro Pub”.
    Orlin Hranov


    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
    The abundant selection of flavours and aromas is what makes the Spanish cuisine so unique and popular. The various and distinctive textures and tastes of paella, tapas, or meat cooked on charcoal could never be attributed to any other national cuisine. Having tried it once, you will love it forever.

    • Chef Ivan has experienced in engaging with different cuisines, but ever since working in an award winning Spanish restaurant, the Spanish cuisine has become his specialty.
      Chef Ivan Popov
      Chef Ivan Popov
    • Chef Tsanko is a hundred percent sure that culinary arts are his passion. Once he took a chance and has been in this adventure for 15 years winning multiple awards for the restaurant he used to work as a chef de partie.
      Chef Tsanko Dimitrov
      Chef Tsanko Dimitrov
    • Chef Kenny has been in the culinary industry for over 17 years, during his time in the industry he has learned that the most important ingredient added to the food is love.
      Chef Kenny Chin
      Chef Kenny Chin

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